The Windows Server Operating system is developed by Microsoft for all .Net framework support. It comes with a very secure and powerful version for both desktop and big servers. Windows Operating System have series of versions (like Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and later one is Windows Server 2012 R2). Windows Servers come with all features to handle the Networking, SQL or MySQL database queries, all Windows hosting features and many more functionality. Hire installer always prefers a Windows based platform to their customers or clients b it is very secure than any Linux operating system. It comes with the latest versions of the Plesk panel which make life easy for you to manage your website data. Hire installer is providing the best opportunity for all to install the latest version of Windows Server Operating system on your Dedicated or Virtual Private servers. Our rates are very low and we also provide instant installation services in your region. Just hire us and get all which expect from a good company. We can install your desired Windows Server (2003, 2008 or 2012) on your Dedicate or Virtual Private Server.

Basick OS Installation Service

Only Windows Server Installation

If you want to install just Windows Server on your Dedicate or Virtual Private Server, Then you have to choose our Basic OS installation package, We provide guarantee to install Windows Server on your Hosting space in very short of time.


Advance OS Installation Service

Windows Server OS + Software Installation

We can install important Software and drivers in to your server. You have to choose our Advance Operating System Installation if you want to install Software or Drivers along with Windows Server installation. We will provide full installation on your server in very low rates.



We are providing latest version of Operating System installation for Windows Server with 100% functionality and completion guarantee. We allow our clients to take a brief test after completion of Operating system installation on your server.


We will fully configure your Windows Server Operating system on your Windows Based Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS). We will fully configure Windows Server with Plesk panel and with latest version of SQL Database.


We will install required program instantly without asking you like SQL server, Antivirus, Control panel etc along with our Windows Server installation services. Just hire us to get full Windows Server Installation services in very low cost.


We make Windows Server Operating System Installation very flexible on your Windows server you can easily generates daily, weekly or monthly backups and also easily transfer your Operating system from one server to another without any damage.